I am a former New Zealand Hockey Player, retiring from the game in May 2020. I played 176 games for the Black Sticks over nine years. I came 4th at the 2016 Olympic Games and won gold at the Commonwealth Games in 2018 with the Black Sticks.

My journey has been tough. Injuries, setbacks, grief and loss have been pivotal moments in my life. I don't sugar coat it, and I always share the reality of what it takes to be 'successful'. My hope is that I give others permission to share their struggle.

I am a Mindset and Well-Being coach  to thousands of young sportswomen. I  have condensed a decade of my experience in high performance into simple, actionable steps. I want girls to take control of their anxiety, perfectionism, and burnout because I didn't get taught anything like this at school, and I wish I did.

All About Balance exists because too many high achieving young women are struggling. They're getting overlooked by the counsellors, teachers and coaches because on paper, they're the A+ student and athlete so they must be doing well.

In reality, they're silently dealing with a large range of unspoken issues that if left unaddressed, will eventually reveal themselves in big ways.

With All About Balance, I have tried and tested many approaches to helping these young women with coping and performance tools and techniques, based on my own experience.