Be Grateful

“When I’m worried and cannot sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep” Gratefulness is something that we are so often too busy for. How often do we actually stop and think, “wow, I’m so grateful for this opportunity” “I’m so grateful to have this delicious cup of coffee” It sounds super cheesy, but it can change your attitude in a few minutes if you remember to practise it.

Don’t Be Defined By Your Day Job

After the Olympics last year, I found myself in a bit of a rut. I knew I had to dedicate the next six months to rehabbing my knee, but while I was doing that, I needed to figure out what to do with my career.

Sports Nutrition With Olympian Sam Charlton

I sat down with my friend and team mate Sam Charlton, who has been to two Olympic Games, played almost 200 games for New Zealand and is also a qualified nutritionist! This girl is a go getter and I loved our conversation.

The Power Of Positive Thinking

Let’s get real. It’s winter. It’s cold. It’s dark. If you’re human, I’m sure you’ve caught yourself with some pretty negative thoughts lately. I know I’ve been having a fair few, especially last week. I’ve found myself complaining a whole lot more than normal, and I’ve noticed what a negative impact it’s had. So this week, I’m switching it around!

Dear High School Self,

Earlier this year, I went around my team and asked the following question: “If you were to travel back in time to high school, what would you tell yourself knowing what you know now?”

Want To Stop Your Bad Habits? Here’s How.

Do you often find yourself stuck in a spiral of bad habits like checking your phone, watching Netflix, reaching for the block of chocolate, or whatever it is that you do? Glennon Doyle has a really good way of looking at this, and she calls it pressing easy buttons and reset buttons.

Athletes! Are You Training Your Mind, Or Just Your Body?

You train your body. Fitter, faster, stronger. You train your skill execution. Just 10 more efforts after training to get it perfect. You run that extra distance, you do the extra core work. You watch video clips of the opposition and analyse set plays. You talk about tactics – about what type of press or outlet your team will do to beat the opposition.

What Balance Means To Me And How I Find It

If you ever feel like you’ve got so much going on and that your life is completely out of balance, I hear you. I struggle with that too. But what does that word even mean? It’s something that we all strive for, yet I think it’s almost impossible to find a balance with the amount of time you spend doing all of the different activities in your life. Instead of thinking about balancing your time, think about it this way.