The Power of Positive Thinking

September 24, 2020

Let’s get real. It’s winter. It’s cold. It’s dark. If you’re human, I’m sure you’ve caught yourself with some pretty negative thoughts lately. I know I’ve been having a fair few, especially last week. I’ve found myself complaining a whole lot more than normal, and I’ve noticed what a negative impact it’s had. So this week, I'm switching it around!

I often get told that a strength of mine is that I try and find the positive out of a lot of bad situations. I think this comes down to my upbringing, watching my family have the ‘glass half full’ attitude with life.

Mum made me watch a documentary when I was at high school that explained the law of attraction called ’The Secret', and it really made me think about what energy I’m putting out into the world. Life is not happening to you, you are creating it. Therefore you have the power to create whatever you want to. Quite simply, you are what you think about often. 

Here are 4 ideas that I’ve found to be really helpful, and I’ve re-reminded myself of today to make sure I have a better week this week!

1. The Law Of Attraction

Think of yourself as a human magnet. You are constantly attracting what you speak, think and feel. So whatever you are speaking, thinking and feeling, you better make sure it’s good! I’m sure you can relate to the experience of a negative spiral. When one thing goes wrong, often five more things go wrong. This is because your thoughts (what you are putting into the universe), are negative. Negativity attracts negativity. What you are thinking now is creating your life. Because you are always thinking, you are always creating. 

2. Be realistic, notice negativity, snap out of it

I think it’s important to note here.. We aren’t perfect. we can’t all go around thinking that life is sunshine, rainbows and puppies. Of course we are all going to have negative thoughts sometimes. The question is, how quickly can you change that negative thought around? The quicker you get at noticing a negative thought, the more of a chance that you have of not letting it have an overwhelming affect on you. In a team environment, negativity travels so fast and affects everyone whether they know it or not. The other night, I noticed the mood of the team wasn’t great. I decided to change this cycle by getting everyone to go around and say one amazing thing that happened to them that day. Sounds cheesy and cliche, but one simple trigger got us talking about positive things and before we knew it, we were all smiling and laughing. 

3. Start with something small

The Law of Attraction, and the motion of ‘attracting anything into your life’ might seem pretty crazy, and you might be a super skeptic, JUST LIKE I WAS. But hear me out. Why don’t you try attracting the small things. Start with a parking space, a smile from someone, a cup of coffee. As you experience that this actually works, you will move on to creating much bigger things.

4. The no complaints bracelet

I use a hair tie, but anything on your wrist works! Challenge yourself to a ‘no complaints’ challenge. Every time you catch yourself, you have to switch wrists of your hair tie/ bracelet. The rules: NO criticising, gossiping or complaining. When you first try it, you’ll struggle to go a day! But once you become aware of your complaining, challenge yourself to a week, or even a month! 


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