Resilience through adversity and changing times - Finding the calm in the storm

In 2020, we have seen more uncertainty and change than ever before. How do we practise resilience, create momentum and keep grounded? In a world filled with an infinite amount of information, why is it that we know what to do, but we don’t do what we know? In this presentation, you will get practical strategies, but also understand what is holding you back so you can move forward with certainty and control. Brooke’s personal story will give you a first hand example of how she has used these tools herself and what they have done for her.

  Learning outcomes

  • How to use your body to create momentum and change
  • What resilience actually means
  • Discover the power of vulnerability and authenticity
  • Get practical tools to silence the inner critic and stay grounded

"By far the most enjoyable speaker of the year" - Sky City

"The most authentic and passionate presentation I've seen after 15 years of conferences" - NZ Cosmetic Dentistry Conference

"Within the first five minutes there were tears and laughter" - YWCA



Brooke’s style and messages instantly engaged our large virtual team. Her insights and tools resonated strongly and generated enthusiasm for personalised action plans. Goal!

Lucinda Warren - Vitaco Chief People & Culture Officer

It was wonderful of Brooke to return to the University of Waikato and speak to the current cohort of Sir Edmund Hillary Scholars. As a former Hillary Scholar herself she fully understands the challenges and demands of balancing high performance sport, study and personal growth. What Brooke shared was genuine, real and from the heart, and it had a profound impact on those who were fortunate to hear her speak. Thank you Brooke for sharing your journey with us.

University of Waikato Hillary Scholarship Manager

Brooke has an outstanding presentation style and captivated our 2021 National Conference. A truly inspirational story and speaker with my highest recommendation.

Dr Rob Ashman - NZ Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Chairman

Your talk was the one that I resonated most with in my time here at university. We as people, scholars and athletes need to talk about failure more, I think a lot of the pressure I put on myself is from only hearing success and seeing the best from everyone around me. I hope many others can take away lessons from you.

Sir Edmund Hillary Scholar

We had the pleasure of Brooke speaking to our Production and Supply Chain people last year. Brooke was engaging, genuine and gave our team some great insights on what it takes to be a top athlete. The feedback from our people was extremely positive – they loved it and many were genuinely moved and inspired by Brooke’s presentation.

Susan Walls  - Griffins

Finding a speaker who can make a connection with a team of fifty diverse marketers, covering Boomers to Zoomers and everyone in between, is no easy task, but Brooke fits the bill perfectly. Combining a natural warmth and empathy to a deep and authentic passion for her subject matter, Brooke is a fantastically engaging, entertaining and informative speaker. Feedback from the team was that Brooke was by far the most enjoyable guest speaker of the year, easily tailoring her content to ensure relevance to their working practices."

Jonathan Spittle, Sky City

I loved your presentation at the University of Auckland Business School. I was particularly interested to hear more about the pain management aspect of your mental game. This intrigues me as we all have to come to terms with more pain (mental/emotional/physical) as we grow older (I’m 60). Life is very much about how we perceive our individual journeys, finding our ‘why(s)’ in order to make sense of where we are. Love the idea that nothing is ever wasted if we learn and become more resilient. I see you as an inspirational wellbeing thought leader, making a positive difference by the way we serve our fellow human beings.

Peter Reilly - Southern Cross Health Society

I wanted to again thank you for the awesome presentation given at the MBA breakfast this morning at the University of Auckland. Your presentation was emotionally inspiring and very moving in the way you articulated various aspects of your profound journey. You have matured according to the needs and gifts of your time and have clearly answered your why with the overwhelming acknowledgment of your pride and joy. Thank you for your sharing, personal honesty, unbelievable commitment, your courageous efforts, your tears/ tangi and inner strength to overcome. But most of all your achievements and celebrations shared.

Richard Nahi - Senior Culture Advisor at Auckland Council

"Brooke spoke at Shoe Clinic’s recent Running Seminar in Wellington as a special guest speaker about her experiences of being an International Hockey Player. She left no one in doubt that her enthusiasm, passion & commitment to her hockey & life in general was 110%! Her experience of attending the Rio Olympics, where her brother was also in the men’s hockey team, was inspirational & very emotional, especially having her parents in the grandstand watching."

Hamish French - Founder & Director of Shoe Clinic

What an inspiration it was having Brooke in our business for the afternoon. She is motivating, real and confronting. Just what we needed. Furthermore, the feedback from our customers that had the chance to hear her speak in a small intimate format was some of the best feedback we have had for an event.

Lloyd Budd - Director Bayleys C&I

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