Resilience through adversity and changing times - Finding the calm in the storm

In 2020, we have seen more uncertainty and change than ever before. How do we practise resilience, create momentum and keep grounded?

In a world filled with an infinite amount of information, why is it that we know what to do, but we don’t do what we know? In this presentation, you will get practical strategies, but also understand what is holding you back so you can move forward with certainty and control. Brooke’s personal story will give you a first hand example of how she has used these tools herself and what they have done for her.

Learning outcomes

  • What resilience actually means

  • How to use your body to create momentum and change

  • Discover the power of vulnerability and authenticity

  • Get practical tools to silence the inner critic and stay grounded



I loved your presentation at the University of Auckland Business School. I was particularly interested to hear more about the pain management aspect of your mental game. This intrigues me as we all have to come to terms with more pain (mental/emotional/physical) as we grow older (I’m 60). Life is very much about how we perceive our individual journeys, finding our ‘why(s)’ in order to make sense of where we are. Love the idea that nothing is ever wasted if we learn and become more resilient. I see you as an inspirational wellbeing thought leader, making a positive difference by the way we serve our fellow human beings.

Peter Reilly - Southern Cross Health Society

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