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The quality of your life is the quality of your emotions that you live every day. If you have low energy, you'll have low emotions. It all starts with energy. We take a deep dive into creating more energy in your life, one small action at a time.


Find your start point, have such a clear vision of where you are going, and know exactly what you need to do to get there. This isn't your standard goal setting that you shove in your drawer and pull out a year later! You'll start to see results straight away.


Our mind is the most important muscle in our body, yet we often forget to train it like we train our other muscles. By the end of this module, you'll be able to calm your busy mind, manage stress and worry, overcome perfectionism and tackle social media.


Wouldn't you love to perform consistently and step up under pressure, instead of choke? By the end of this module, you'll learn techniques to help build consistency, deal with nerves, and turn that inner critic into your own inner coach.


Brooke's raw account of her journey, was refreshingly honest. It must have taken a whole lot of courage to show her vulnerability, and we are very grateful for her opening up to us. It was moving to hear her perspective and see her offering support and solutions to wellbeing for young sportswomen.

Baradene College Athlete

Brooke has worked with us for 3 years, and has delivered inspiring sessions in assemblies, on the sports field and in the classroom, right down to small group sessions. She is highly engaging and has always delivered interesting and motivating sessions. Brooke always presents in a fun, friendly and enthusiastic manner and I can’t recommend her enough. Brendan Curran

Massey High School

Brooke was our guest speaker at our 2020 Sports Awards. The messages that she bought around resilience, expectations, mindfulness and balance were exactly what was needed at the end of a difficult sporting year. Hearing her talk about the positive thought processes she goes through in games was also important for the girls, so they can practice connecting their mental thoughts to align with their physical skills to execute a better all round performance.

WDSG Director of Sport

We asked Brooke to run a workshop for us with a big challenge - can you help 25 young women, between the ages of 15 and 25, from different backgrounds and fields and with different dreams of changing the world, to connect with each other and connect to what matters to them. Brooke was fantastic. Within the first five minutes there were tears and laughter and she bought the group together expertly, creating a safe space for learning, sharing - and dancing. Lot's of dancing! We've had great feedback from the 25 about the workshop, it surprised them, helped them and the yoga at the end really cemented some key ideas into their minds. We'll be working with Brooke again for sure and I can't recommend her enough. Her warm, kind, funny, open style is very engaging.

Angela Barnett - YWCA

It helped improve my self talk and made me realise how it was negatively affecting my games and my performance without really realising it. It also gave me lots of strategies and resources to help with the mental side of sport and the skills also help me in everyday life. I found all the topics really beneficial for my sports and outside of sports as well in everyday life. And I can already see myself using some of the skills I've learnt from this course already.

17 y/o athletics and hockey player

Thanks so much, I will definitely be interested in attending more workshops with you! You're such an inspiration to me, and I think All About Balance is a great thing to have available to us. Even from the first session, I have taken so much out of it and it has changed my thoughts hugely.

Baradene College Student

Hi Brooke! I just wanted to let you know that I think the mindfulness is really working! I had school hockey tonight and played a pretty good game, and got two goals which i'm very happy about. I didn't get too wound up about all the little mistakes I made and just came back and fixed them. Thank you!

WGHS Student

I really enjoyed your sessions, I found them really eye opening and stress relieving! I now meditate every morning for around 5-10 min and it's great, it's a part of my daily schedule and it's easy and very beneficial! I also liked setting goals for myself in the future, it helps me strive to achieve to my full potential and gives me the confidence I didn't know I needed. So thank you very much Brooke!

St Margarets Student

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