Why yoga?

I first discovered yoga after struggling with multiple injuries and chronic pain through 8 years of international hockey. I strongly believe that if it weren’t for my yoga practise, I would not have been able to continue playing after the 2016 Olympics.

I have always been drawn to Yin style yoga, which is more focused on restoring, relaxing and training the mind to sit in discomfort. The contrast between my hectic life and the calmness in a yoga class is just what I need to find balance in life.  I teach in a studio and at schools to help students calm their minds.

I am a Yoga Alliance registered teacher, after completing 250 hour training with Nikki Ralston and an extra 50 hours for Yin Yoga.

“After doing your yoga session, last night is the first night that I slept without sleeping pills in months. I as so chilled and calm afterwards. Thank you so much!”

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